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Month: April 2017

Soothe Your Skin With Sheet Masks

Sheet masks

  Weekly face masks have always been high up in our skincare routine to help with clear and smooth skin. Lately, we’ve loved incorporating face sheet masks into our routine. They may make us look a bit funny, but there is no denying that draping that soothing sheet across our faces makes us not only […] Read more…

Cruelty-Free Korean Beauty Products

Korean beauty products

We are 100% on the Korean beauty bandwagon. BUT, we do have to admit that it has been quite hard finding brands that are considered to be cruelty free. Since we have come across Korean brands that have opted against animal testing, we thought that it would be useful to compile a list together for […] Read more…

Get Ready! Adorable Dogs That Work Out!


Pooches have a special place in our hearts. We are big proponents of rescuing dogs whenever possible. And with the spring season, what better time than to adopt a pup to incorporate into your healthy living plans? Whether for a hike or a more formal workout, pup owners have been getting active with their dogs […] Read more…

4 Healthy Food Sites That We Love

Food substitutions Cover

Looking for ways to easily makeover your eating habits to create a healthier and more revitalized you? Then you have got to check out these five sites that we cannot stop clicking through. 1. The Real Housewives of New York City’s newest season will be hitting our television screens tonight!!! As we’ve been binge […] Read more…