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Getting the cold or flu is such a drag. There are a few things that you can do to stay on the up and up as the weather gets colder and germs are going around everywhere. Add these small tweaks into your routine and we wouldn’t be surprised it you stayed fresh and healthy all through the fall and winter seasons.


Vitamin D


Make sure to get in some vitamin D to boost your immune system. Since you are probably getting in less sun, compensate in other ways. Take a vitamin D pill, drink some milk, eat some shrimp, add in sardines to your salads, and look for food that it fortified with it.





We are BIG fans of smoothies when they are packed with quality ingredients. Don’t just include sugary fruits though, pop in ingredients like spinach, kale, spirulina, hemp seeds, and more to get in a ton of goodness.



Open Those Curtains


Being cooped up in a closed up room or office really bring down your mood. Fight depression by opening up those curtains to enjoy natural lighting whenever possible. Getting in some light can really give you a pick me up.



Wear a Hat & Warm Coat

Winter model

People get sick when they catch a virus. Some say that if you aren’t bundled up enough in the cold weather, your body’s immune system may feel weakened, allowing those viruses to easier attack. Why not skip taking chances and simply keep warm when outside!



Fresh Ginger


In some Asian cultures, ginger is thought to help with illness. Boil fresh ginger in water to make tea and sweeten with brown sugar. If you are already ill, you could also drink this under a warm comforter or clothing layers to sweat out any germs according to tradition.

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