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Healthy Living Pantry Necessities


Don’t get me wrong, I love to indulge here and there when it comes to food, but for everyday living, I feel that it’s very important to treat my body in a healthily manner. is one of my favorite online food destinations to get my pantry stocked up so I’m fueled and ready to […] Read more…

Athleisure Wear Wish List

athleisure wear

Isn’t it amazing that athleisure wear is a whole thing now? This didn’t exist when I was younger. I’m pretty obsessed with it for a whole lot of reasons: It’s really comfortable, but super fashionable. People think I’m healthy…even if I’m on my way to get some macaroni and cheese and then some red velvet ice […] Read more…

Stomach Vacuum Tutorial For Nice Abs

stomach vacuum

  I had come across some stomach vacuum tutorials on YouTube and was so intrigued by them. You basically breath in deep, and then when you breathe out, you pull in your stomach as far in as you can, toward your spine. What’s funny is that they seem like a different version of a breathing […] Read more…

5 Easy Tips for Everyday Wellness

Kids 1

Life is hard. We’re not sugarcoating anything. Between work, family, finances and even social media, it like we are constantly being bombarded. It’s definitely important to take care of your body, mind, and soul so that you are prepared to take each new day on. Here are some easy tips for everyday wellness. Try them […] Read more…

How I Use Oils on My Face

face oil

It seems that everyone on the internet has been touting the use of oils on the face, so obviously, at one point I had to try it. Now keep in mind that I have sensitive/combination skin, so my findings may be different from what you experienced or will experience. If you have different skin from […] Read more…

How to Make Your Smoothie Filling

smoothie 1

A breakfast smoothie sounds like a great way to start your day, doesn’t it? Fresh fruits and bright greens just make me feel healthy just thinking about it. But if you’re anything like me, about an hour after I polish them off, I’m starting to feel hungry again and wishing that I succumbed to a […] Read more…

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