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Nutrition and Healthy Food

  • cozy fall drinks

    Cozy (Non-Alcoholic) Fall Drinks To Make At Home

    Dying to branch out from the Pumpkin Spice Latte cult? While we would hardly suggest giving up on the ever-popular PSL, we ARE suggesting that you try something new. Make these tasty concoctions in the comfort of your own home and you’ll even find yourself saving a few bucks! Brew them up to sip on […] Read more…

  • plane ride snacks

    Snacks For Your Next Plane Ride

    It can be hard to stay focused on healthy eating when at the airport. The smells of pretzels, sugar, and unhealthy carbs are everywhere. Then to top it off, when you do manage to try and eat better, a simple protein bar can cost you around $5 for just one! Crazy, right? Lately, when we’ve […] Read more…

Stay Fit

  • fitness accessories

    Tiny Giants: Modern Fitness Accessories

    We get so focused on fitness outfits, that sometimes we forget that it’s the accessories can make the outfit –– or in this case — workout. Check out these fitness accessories that you are going to love adding to your arsenal. We’re having a major fashion meets function moment!   Fitbit Flex 2 Small Bangle […] Read more…

  • Dogs

    Get Ready! Adorable Dogs That Work Out!

    Pooches have a special place in our hearts. We are big proponents of rescuing dogs whenever possible. And with the spring season, what better time than to adopt a pup to incorporate into your healthy living plans? Whether for a hike or a more formal workout, pup owners have been getting active with their dogs […] Read more…


  • Fenty beauty

    Heat Map: Fenty Beauty + Videos

    Fenty beauty products have taken the world by storm. Created by Rihanna, whose given name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the line has been lauded for the expansive range of foundations that cover so many different skin colors. Even those who are albino have been amazed by how well the foundation matches their skin color. Not […] Read more…

  • fall 2017 beauty trends

    Fall 2017 Beauty Trends + Cruelty-Free Makeup

    We get so excited about makeup. There have been times where we’ve watched hours of beauty tutorials on YouTube because we can’t get enough of them. For the fall 2017 season, there are some key trends that are super easy to incorporate into your daily look. And of course, for each trend, you’ll find a […] Read more…

Keep Well

  • round the web

    Health, Beauty, & Food From Around The Web

    There have been some interesting stories and videos up lately, so we thought it only made sense to do a round up for you guys. Whether you are looking for some healthy food options, great workout advice, or even beauty products to add to your arsenal, you’ll find it in one of these posts! Health’s […] Read more…

  • Goop

    Get On It: Goop’s Having A 40% Off Sale

    Goop is typically known for its pricey wares that are suppose to be life-changing, or at least help you channel a Patrow-esque way of life. They’re having a 40% off sale at the Goop shop right now, so you can get some quality products with much lower price tags. If you’re short on time, keep […] Read more…


  • track jackets

    Suit Up: Cute Track Jackets

    Whether you plan on going for a run, want to cover up after ballet class, or love athleisure wear, track jackets should be on your radar right now with the fall weather. Temperatures are slowly dropping, so protect yourself from the chill with these stylish pieces of outerwear that are functional and fashionable. Puma X […] Read more…

  • Charity shopping

    Shopping for a Cause

    It’s so easy to mindlessly spend our money these days. Whether we are bored and window shopping or scrolling on our phones, why not pay attention to some companies that give back to the world with every purchase we make? Not only do you end up with a cute treat, but a charity receives a […] Read more…