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Nutrition and Healthy Food

  • vegetarian protein

    Get Your Vegetarian Protein On!

    One thing that we’ve noticed for those who have switched to a vegetarian or vegan diet is that sometimes they are sorely lacking when it comes to the protein department. Protein is a must to feeling full, overall good health, and getting strong and lean, versus just a skinny fat. If you’re having problems hitting […] Read more…

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    Vegan Food Everyone Will Want To Eat

    Hot For Food has been churning out some mouthwatering dishes that you are going to want to chow down on ASAP. What’s incredible is that everything is vegan! At first glance you would never be able to tell. Then when you go on to try the recipes out, you can easily see how well thought […] Read more…

Stay Fit

  • fitness accessories

    Tiny Giants: Modern Fitness Accessories

    We get so focused on fitness outfits, that sometimes we forget that it’s the accessories can make the outfit –– or in this case — workout. Check out these fitness accessories that you are going to love adding to your arsenal. We’re having a major fashion meets function moment!   Fitbit Flex 2 Small Bangle […] Read more…

  • Dogs

    Get Ready! Adorable Dogs That Work Out!

    Pooches have a special place in our hearts. We are big proponents of rescuing dogs whenever possible. And with the spring season, what better time than to adopt a pup to incorporate into your healthy living plans? Whether for a hike or a more formal workout, pup owners have been getting active with their dogs […] Read more…


  • Holographic makeup cruelty free

    Cruelty-Free Holographic Makeup

    Whether you call it holographic or prismatic or rainbow, there is a whole new whole of makeup out there that will make you feel and look like a magical unicorn. These products have gorgeous color and shimmer to them, and what’s amazing is that with every move that you make, the colors will reflect the […] Read more…

  • Summer Essentials

    Summer Essentials For Your Bag

    Keep summer ready with these items that we insist you chuck into your bag because they are going to sooo come in handy this summer. NYX Blotting Paper, $4 This cruelty-free company is a favorite for quality products that don’t cost a fortune. Keep your face shine free by giving yourself a quick blot in […] Read more…

Keep Well

  • Goop

    Get On It: Goop’s Having A 40% Off Sale

    Goop is typically known for its pricey wares that are suppose to be life-changing, or at least help you channel a Patrow-esque way of life. They’re having a 40% off sale at the Goop shop right now, so you can get some quality products with much lower price tags. If you’re short on time, keep […] Read more…

  • Eddie Bauer

    Camp Ready: Eddie Bauer Has Got You Covered

    Feeling a bit stressed? Yep! We totally get it. It’s about that time where we just want to pack up and get away from it all. With Mother Nature warming up, trees turning green, and how the air has a certain freshness to it, we are itching to get away and get some camping in. […] Read more…


  • Summer Sales

    Summer Sales Are On: Items To Buy Now & Use Now

    Summer means sunshine, beaches, and SALES! Starting now there are some deep discounts that you are not going to want to miss out on. Check out these products to buy now and use now. Josie Maran Warm Apple Cider Argan Oil, $65 Value, Now $29 This limited-edition Sweet Apple cider body trip is a great […] Read more…

  • UPF Clothing

    Protect Your Skin: Stylish UPF Clothing

    Not too familiar with the term UPF? It’s a fairly new term that started coming around once companies began developing sun protection clothing. It is a voluntary term that companies can use. While covering your skin with clothing is helpful with blocking harmful UV rays that can lead to things such as sunburn, wrinkles, and […] Read more…