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Nutrition and Healthy Food

  • plane ride snacks

    Snacks For Your Next Plane Ride

    It can be hard to stay focused on healthy eating when at the airport. The smells of pretzels, sugar, and unhealthy carbs are everywhere. Then to top it off, when you do manage to try and eat better, a simple protein bar can cost you around $5 for just one! Crazy, right? Lately, when we’ve […] Read more…

  • healthy game day recipes

    Healthier Game Day Dishes

    Football pre-season has officially started and we are in for a long run of games ahead of us. When having the gang over though, there seems to be something hypocritical about stuffing our faces with loads of junk and calories, while watching these super fit guys on television. There’s got to be a way to […] Read more…

Stay Fit

  • fitness accessories

    Tiny Giants: Modern Fitness Accessories

    We get so focused on fitness outfits, that sometimes we forget that it’s the accessories can make the outfit –– or in this case — workout. Check out these fitness accessories that you are going to love adding to your arsenal. We’re having a major fashion meets function moment!   Fitbit Flex 2 Small Bangle […] Read more…

  • Dogs

    Get Ready! Adorable Dogs That Work Out!

    Pooches have a special place in our hearts. We are big proponents of rescuing dogs whenever possible. And with the spring season, what better time than to adopt a pup to incorporate into your healthy living plans? Whether for a hike or a more formal workout, pup owners have been getting active with their dogs […] Read more…


  • drunk elephent skincare

    What We’re Obsessed With: Drunk Elephant

    Certain beauty products are so magical that we need to tell people about them as soon as we’ve tried them. Drunk Elephant has gained quite the loyal following and for good reason. Not only are its products created from clean ingredients, but formulas are all free of silicones, chemical screens, sensitizing colorants and perfumes, sodium […] Read more…

  • Kopari

    Going Nuts For Kopari Beauty

    Kopari beauty products intrigued us because we noticed that the price tag on the coconut melt was higher than health food store coconut oils that we are used to trying. And then we tried it and became hardcore converts. Like seriously hardcore. If you love coconut oil or have been trying to understand the hype […] Read more…

Keep Well

  • round the web

    Health, Beauty, & Food From Around The Web

    There have been some interesting stories and videos up lately, so we thought it only made sense to do a round up for you guys. Whether you are looking for some healthy food options, great workout advice, or even beauty products to add to your arsenal, you’ll find it in one of these posts! Health’s […] Read more…

  • Goop

    Get On It: Goop’s Having A 40% Off Sale

    Goop is typically known for its pricey wares that are suppose to be life-changing, or at least help you channel a Patrow-esque way of life. They’re having a 40% off sale at the Goop shop right now, so you can get some quality products with much lower price tags. If you’re short on time, keep […] Read more…


  • faux leather jackets

    Fall Leather Jackets (Faux, Of Course)

    The chillier weather is here and if you love the look of a classic leather jacket, minus the leather, you have a plethora of options this season. Companies are getting the hint and going cruelty-free with lots of faux designs. Not only do they still look great, but the prices are so much cheaper than […] Read more…

  • Summer Sales

    Summer Sales Are On: Items To Buy Now & Use Now

    Summer means sunshine, beaches, and SALES! Starting now there are some deep discounts that you are not going to want to miss out on. Check out these products to buy now and use now. Josie Maran Warm Apple Cider Argan Oil, $65 Value, Now $29 This limited-edition Sweet Apple cider body trip is a great […] Read more…