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2022 Summer Beauty Trends

Summer 2022 Beauty Trends

Are you someone who counts down the days until summer? While I’m not a lover of the long, sweaty days, I do love keeping up with what beauty trends are hot for the summer season!

Most of us are already planning our extended getaways and weekend pool parties (finally!). So, let me share a few of my favorite summer beauty trends to keep your look on fire this season.

Summer Beauty Trends Roundup

1. That dewy glow, but make it skincare.

Dewy, glowy skin isn’t exactly revolutionary for summer, but this year is a little different. Instead of achieving the glossy, glassy look via highlighter, bronzer and gloss, a great skincare routine is the basis of this trend.

Add gentle exfoliation, antioxidants, and plenty of lightweight moisture to your daily beauty regimen for a plump, dewy look that requires little-to-no actual makeup.

If you’re looking for products to get started, here are my recommendations:

Pixi Glow Tonic

  • Gentle exfoliation: Pixi Glow Tonic ($15) is a staple for me. It’s gentle enough for all skin types and mild enough for everyday use. It hydrates as it exfoliates, leaving skin soft, smooth, and fresh.


Ordinary's Buffet Serum

  • Antioxidants: There are tons of antioxidants on the market, which makes it kind of confusing. I like The Ordinary’s Buffet serum ($31) because it’s an affordable workhorse that combines peptides, hyaluronic acid, and other skin-loving ingredients in a lightweight serum. Best of all, you can use AM and PM.


Delikate Recovery Serum from Kate Somerville

  • Moisturizer: Lightweight layers are the key to healthy, glossy summer skin. This Delikate Recovery Serum from Kate Somerville ($98) checks all the boxes: Ceramides for skin barrier health, glycerin and ectoin for moisture, and a host of research-backed plant extracts for brightening, soothing and glow-boosting.


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2. Sunny strawberry highlights.

Sun-kissed blonde is the usual go-to for summer, but this year, redheads are having their moment (as a redhead, I love it!).

oVertone's Strawberry Conditioner Kit

If you want to experiment with the ginger-strawberry hair trend without committing to a permanent change, I highly recommend Overtone’s Strawberry Conditioner Kit ($58). It works on brown or blonde hair, and you can wash it out faster than permanent dyes.


3. Those 90’s “two-strand bangs.”

Fashion is clearly just a cycle that comes back to haunt us every few decades, but this is a summer trend that I don’t mind. I’m not a fan of the tightly slicked-back hairstyles Gen Z is trying to bring back for summer. Still, I can appreciate the compromise between a full fringe (which is a disaster when it’s sticky hot) and no bangs at all.

E-Litchi clip-in bangs

Suppose you’re someone who doesn’t want the total commitment of cutting these bangs into your hair (hello, it’s me). In that case, you can actually purchase these E-Litchi clip-in bangs ($41) that are made with natural human hair. I love using clip-in hair to switch up my look, and it’s easy to dye to match your hair color if you can’t find a perfect match.


Let’s Talk Favorites! 

I’ve only mentioned three popular summer beauty trends, but there are so many more. Have you tried the Euphoria-style neon makeup? What about the glassy highlighters and bold metallic lips? Tell me about your favorite summer beauty products in the comments below!


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