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Fun Outdoor Group Workout Ideas

Fun Outdoor Group Workout Ideas

The coronavirus pandemic came unexpectedly and has certainly made its mark on our lives. While it made many social events impossible, it also inspired us to try new ways to keep active. For those who are still wary about getting too close for comfort, outdoor workouts are a wonderful way to social distance, while still interacting with others.

Be sure to experiment with different classes and stick with the ones that bring you the most joy and excitement.

Group Bike Riding

Riding a bike is a top-notch cardiovascular activity that strengthens your heart muscles, works your lower body, and stabilizes your core. And when done with a group, you will find lots of motivation and support from your fellow cyclists. A road that might be difficult for a solo ride might feel like a piece of cake when done with a group!

If you’re new to group bike riding, get information for upcoming group rides from your local bike shop or online. We wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up coming away with new friends from these sessions too. After all, immediately going in, you all already have a common interest.

Group Hiking Class

Group hiking classes provide a fantastic opportunity to explore new places, meet interesting people, and participate in unforgettable adventures. If you are just starting out with hiking, ask more experienced hikers about their favorite trails or join a hiking club. Browse guidebooks and websites to find hiking classes that are convenient for you. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring water to stay hydrated. We would also highly suggest slathering on sunscreen and bringing a hat to protect yourself from UV rays.

In addition, when choosing a hiking route, always consider the distance, trail difficulty, and elevation gain. Start with shorter and less difficult trails and slowly progress to more advanced hikes.

Got a furbaby who loves to stay active? Why not bring your dog on a hike with you? Just make sure that it is one that they will be able to finish. And of course, make sure to bring them something to drink out of as well.

Beach Running

Even if running is not your favorite activity, running by the beach is a completely different experience. Listening to the waves and stepping on sand can help you clear your mind and start to enjoy running.

Running on sand is harder and more effective than running on paved routes. Sand running engages your muscles more efficiently, increases your calorie burn, and helps you build strength. Due to the uneven surface, your body is forced to use the core stabilization muscles more and develop an effective running form. If all this sounds difficult, it’s because it is. But trust us, the payoff is totally worth it.

Search online for group sand running classes in your area or ask your friends to join you for a beach run. For a quick refresh, cap your workout off with a dive into the water. What a way to end a run!

Image credit: Hermansyah on Unsplash and Tomas Tartes on Unsplash






Margaret Vasileva

Margaret Vasileva is a nutrition coach who specializes in behavior change. Her nutrition philosophy is based on making conscious choices about what we eat and why we eat the way we do. She believes that setting the right mindset is the foundation of lifetime fitness and nutrition changes. Connect with her on Instagram @theprogressfactory

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