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My Favorite 3 Ways to Brew Hot Coffee

My Favorite 3 Ways to Brew Hot Coffee

I’m a coffee snob, and I’m okay with admitting that. I haven’t owned a regular drip coffee maker in years because there are just so many other fun and delicious ways to brew hot coffee!

If you’re stuck in a coffee rut, or you just want to try something different, switching up your brewing method might be exactly what you need to fall in love with coffee all over again.

Here are three of my favorite ways to make a delicious cup of hot coffee.

  1. French Press

The French press has gotten popular over the past few years because you can also use it to froth milk (hello, at-home latte!). I love French presses because they deliver a much richer, more flavorful cup of coffee than a drip coffee maker. I can enjoy the buttery smoothness of a French press with no extra sweetener!

Bodeum 34 Ounce French Press

Bodeum 34 Ounce French Press, $38.26

French presses require your coffee to be ground as coarsely as possible, which means that more water comes into contact with the grounds. The grounds can steep in the water more evenly, too, so you can taste more of the natural oils and flavors in the final cup of coffee.

A few tips for the perfect French press brew:

– Always preheat your carafe with hot water. If you try to brew hot coffee in a cold carafe, your results won’t be as good.

– Grind your beans fresh each time. It only takes an extra minute to grind your beans beforehand, and freshly ground coffee is much more flavorful than pre-ground!

– Plunge patiently. It’s best to plunge with a slow, steady hand so that you maximize the flavor and minimize the stray grounds that float into your cup.

  1. Moka Pot

Moka pots are the most aesthetic to keep on your countertop, in my opinion. They’re sometimes called stovetop espresso makers, but the coffee isn’t quite as strong as espresso.

Bialetti Moka Pot

Bialetti Moka Pot, $54.50

The coffee is made by filling the bottom of the pot with warm water and adding the desired amount of grounds to the filter basket. It’s best not to pack in the grounds; otherwise, the coffee will taste weak because the water can’t flow well enough!

Once you’ve screwed the top and bottom halves together, you simply heat the pot on the stovetop. You get to watch the small fountain of fresh coffee fill up the top portion of the carafe, which is fun. Once the extraction stream stops, you’re ready to enjoy the bold, intense flavor of your coffee!

  1. Pour Over

Pour-over brewing with something like a Chemex or AeroPress is basically just a step up from drip coffee. The main advantage is that it allows you to have more control over the strength and taste of your coffee, so the final result usually tastes smoother and fresher.

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker, $29.95

Chemex Coffeemaker

Chemex Coffeemaker, $42.80

The key to pour-over coffee is patience and experimentation. You can change the grind’s coarseness, the rate at which you pour the water, how much coffee you use, and the water’s temperature. These factors can change the taste of the final brew, so if you enjoy experimentation, pour-over brewing is perfect for you!

Pour Over Coffeemaker Set,

Pour Over Coffeemaker Set, $54.99

How Do You Brew?

There are lots of ways to brew a delicious cup of hot coffee. I only mentioned three of my favorites, so if you use a different method, tell me why you love it in the comments below! I’m always looking for ways to level up my coffee experience.

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Nicole Hopkins

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