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Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipes

We’ll never say ‘no’ to a lovely glass of rosé. It’s somehow become the unofficial drink of the summer season. However, why not give your next get-together some extra ‘oomph’ with some refreshing summer cocktails instead? There are so many fantastic, at-peak produce to utilize like fragrant lemons, mouthwatering strawberries, and sweet watermelon. And don’t worry, you don’t have to make each drink to order. That would make us sad because you wouldn’t get to spend time with your guests. Instead, you have two options. 1- Keep a tray of ready-made cocktails out and ready. 2- Keep a pitcher of your creation out without ice. The ice can be kept separately in a cooler. Guests can combine the two to make a new drink whenever they want. This will also keep the cocktails from watering down.

Food & Wine Limoncello Collins


Good Housekeeping Citrusy White Sangria Margarita


Delish Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri


Saveur Watermelon-Basil Cocktail


Serious Eats The Upgraded Paloma


Saveur Calavera Catrina


Serious Eats The Upgraded Paloma Recipe


The Clever Carrot White Peach Cooler


Boulder Locavore Sparkling Pink Sangria


Minted Blueberry Lemonade




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