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Effective Exercises for Crohn’s Disease: Improve Your Well-Being

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that results in inflammation along the intestinal tract. It is a chronic condition, and painful Crohn’s flare-ups can interrupt your daily routine. Fortunately, you can manage this condition and decrease the chances of a flare-up through lifestyle changes, diet, and medications. Keep reading to learn about Chron’s disease exercises that can help. Crohn’s Disease Signs [caption id="attachment_6544" align="alignnone" width="708"] Image credit: Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash[/caption] Signs of an inflamed bowel include changes in bowel habits and can include fever. Other symptoms include: Diarrhea. Abdominal pain. Fatigue. Blood in stool. Reduced appetite. These symptoms can appear rapidly, or they can present gradually over time. The onset will be highly individualized, and you’ll need to check in with your body cues to learn how Crohn’s...