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Flex Your Mind and Body: Easy Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Day

We’re back! Quick - somebody knock on wood. The world is reopening, people are getting vaccinated, and we’re slowly getting back to our old ways of pre-pandemic life. So as we move into our “new normal” way of living - how can we keep up all of the amazing self-care we started integrating into our lives at home? Things that seemed easy to handle during the pandemic like taking an at-home workout class or meditating may not be as easy to keep up now that we’re not working in pajamas all day long. That being said, self-care, exercise, and eating right are more important than ever as we move back into our busy daily lives. I’ve really taken the past year to take stock of everything in...

In An Exercise Rut? Consider These Alternatives

Ok, so as a fitness professional I see a lot of people that haven’t quite found their mojo with exercise yet. They have tried lots of different things in the past but still have not found the thing that they really get true enjoyment and satisfaction from. I recently heard from one of my clients, that his friend’s advice to him was to find the thing that he really enjoys, because if he loves it then he is way more likely to stick with it for the long haul. I agree and think that is pretty sound advice, and as someone myself who has tried lots of different sports/exercise, I can appreciate that sentiment. Some of you reading this might resonate with that, you might...