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Perfect Accents: Stylish Non-Leather Bags

Want to stay animal-friendly while looking super chic? A fabulous handbag is a great way to do that. Use a gorgeous bag to pull together an entire look, whether you are heading to a work meeting or a first date. With so many non-leather offerings out there, you’re going to look like quite the It girl toting around any of these styles.     Stella McCartney Falabella Mini Tote, $930 Stella McCartney's pieces are always cruelty-free. We especially love the pretty pink hue of this classic style.   Jeffrey Levinson Elina PLUS Clutch, $1,850 Not only are the colors amazing, but the aerospace aluminum material will be quite the conversation starter.   Stella McCartney Mini Logo Bag, $595 The circular shape of this bag is adorable and will add a special accent to your overall...