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More Pantry Food Recipes

It’s time for round two of pantry food recipes! We hope that you tried some of the dishes from our first post. As time has gone on during quarantines and social distancing, we find ourselves going out less for fresh produce because, well, Coronavirus is everywhere it seems, and we really only want to go out for essentials. So as our fresh fruits and veggies are dwindling, we find ourselves digging into our pantry and freezer a lot more now. Besides, we stocked up on pantry and frozen items in the very event that we would need to use them.   Good Food Stories Oatmeal Start your day with something hearty or eat this as an afternoon pick me up. This recipe contains only four ingredients and is...

Pantry Food Recipes

The Coronavirus pandemic is nothing to mock or scoff at. Experts and countries that have gone through this are saying that we must flatten the curve so that hospitals aren’t bombarded all at one time. In order to flatten the curve, we have to stay at home to keep the virus from spreading. And if you’re staying at home, you may find yourself having to tap into more of your shelf-stable pantry items. There are lots of delicious ways to use your dry and canned goods to make your social distancing or quarantine a bit more bearable. Try out some or all of these recipes. We know we will! Food Network Spaghetti With Olive Oil & Garlic We have a feeling that you have the majority of ingredients...