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8 Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas That Don’t Involve Hummus

Hungry, but not that hungry? Or maybe you’ve put on some quarantine weight and are looking for some healthy snack alternatives to the boxed brownies you’ve been baking every week? Check out some of our favorite snack ideas that are tasty and packed with nutrition. And we have nothing against hummus. We love hummus. We’re just trying to expand out of the hummus box when it comes to healthy snack ideas.   Full-Fat Greek Yogurt and Fruit Preserves Snack on some Greek yogurt mixed with fruit preserves for something that’s delicious and will provide you with protein and probiotics. We prefer using full-fat Greek yogurt for this snack because it’s flavorful and very satisfying. Photo by Kelsey Curtis on Unsplash   Watermelon-Raspberry Smoothie One of our favorite smoothies to drink, simply...