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Sciatica Stretches: Relief for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain can be debilitating and seriously hinder your quality of life. If you experience sharp, shooting pains or persistent cramps in your butt or legs, it’s likely caused by sciatica, which is inflammation or pinching of the nerve that runs down from the base of your spine and into each leg.  Fortunately, sciatica is treatable and can be managed or eliminated. While it’s always best to see a doctor for an official diagnosis and personalized treatment plan, some home remedies, such as sciatica stretches, can help. Sciatica Stretches: How Simple Movements Can Make a Huge Impact  In today’s world, most people want a “magic bullet” medicine to cure their aches and pains. Some people may find relief with medications like ibuprofen or similar painkillers, but this...