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Month: October 2016

Me, Me, Me! How To Achieve ‘Me’ Time


  Everyone needs ‘me’ time. Being pulled in various directions on a constant basis IS NOT FUN! It is O.K. to indulge in something for yourself because it will keep you happy and sane in the long run. Whether you are overworked in the office, have children that need every second of your attention, or […] Read more…

Going Paleo? Tasty Recipes To Start With


If you haven’t already tried a Paleo diet, you have probably at least heard about it. The Paleo diet is a diet based on what was eaten by early humans, which is why you may have heard it also referred to as, The Caveman Diet. There are different extremes of it. Some stick to only […] Read more…

Fall Wardrobe Update: Staying Warm On The Run


Yup. It’s getting chilly out there, especially during those morning runs. AND if you find yourself running along a body of water, it’s even colder. It’s time to invest in some awesome workout jackets or warm long-sleeve tops that keep your fitness needs in mind. Let’s take a peek at what’s out there, shall we? […] Read more…