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5 Yoga Accessories for Men

It’s the time of year where everyone tries to turn over a new leaf. In my early twenties, I loved setting new goals and resolutions for myself. Now, I like to take the new year as a time to reflect about where I’m at and think about where I’d like to go. From there, I see what new habits, hobbies, or experiences I want to add to my life. Keep the pressure low - especially this new year, with so many other things going on around us. Yoga became a part of my life during college where my performing arts school offered daily morning yoga classes for students. I grew up in the south and in the late nineties and early aughts - yoga had not...


5 Fun & Creative Indoor Activities For Children

You made it! It’s the end of 2020 and now all you have to do is keep your young children entertained - alone and inside - all winter! Okay, so you almost made it!   How can you keep the winter days special, interesting and fun? We know how quickly young children will tire of their new toys and eventually (hopefully) get bored of watching Trolls: World Tour - so then what? It’s time for my favorite old standby - imagination!   My favorite part of being an early childhood educator is using children’s imaginations to help illustrate a point, cement a concept, inspire new questions, and get those little wheels turning in their little heads. Imagination can be used and encouraged at home as well. In the following...

Cozy Reads for Cold Days

  We’ve spent more time inside this year than any of us have ever imagined and it looks like we’re not quite out of the woods yet. I know we’re all scratching at the walls and anxious for a return to normalcy but this year also provides us with some much-needed quality time with our loved ones. Our schedules and days are normally packed and filled with multi-tasking. We forget that it’s good to slow down and enjoy peace and quiet from time to time. So instead of rushing back to our lives - let’s take this opportunity to cherish the ones we love. There are lots of ways to spend quality time with your toddler. One of the best ways to stimulate your little one and...

Parenting Tip We Love: Affirmations for Children

You have the wrong Zoom password for online school, the dog needs to go out and your toddler just spilled applesauce all over the kitchen. Lucky for you – self-care is in! It’s all over Instagram, whole shows are dedicated to the topic, and Gwyneth Paltrow has a new reaffirming term for any sticky situation. We have trained ourselves for this moment and we can pause and breathe before heading back into our hectic day.   While we employ these tools for ourselves, we forget that these same concepts and ideas can be shared with our kids! The way we talk to ourselves influences every aspect of our lives and the best time to start talking kindly to yourself is now! Saying affirmations assigns words to our...