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Cozy (Non-Alcoholic) Fall Drinks To Make At Home

cozy fall drinks

Dying to branch out from the Pumpkin Spice Latte cult? While we would hardly suggest giving up on the ever-popular PSL, we ARE suggesting that you try something new. Make these tasty concoctions in the comfort of your own home and you’ll even find yourself saving a few bucks! Brew them up to sip on while watching your favorite reality show, serve them after a dinner party, or pour them into travel cup to bring on the go.

The Kitchn’s Asian Pear Sparkler

Just reading the ingredients makes our mouth water. Asian pears are a great fall ingredient to use and can be quite unexpected.

Asian pear sparkler


How Sweet Eats’ Hot Cider Nog

OMG. How Sweet Eats’ has managed to combine two of our favorite holidays drinks. Egg nog and cider!

Hot Cider Nog

Honey Bee Latte

Honey lattes tastes so amazing. This recipe looks so easy to make too!

Honeybee latte

The Frugal Girls’ Hot Vanilla

Those who love vanilla are going to fall head over heels for this tasty drink.

Hot vanilla

Isabel Eats’ Mexican Tres Leches Coffee

We love it in cake form, so we have a feeling that we are going to love it in drink form.

Mexican tres leches coffee

Meatified Coconut Rose Earl Grey Latte

So sophisticated! We couldn’t resist this recipe as it contains so many things we love!

Coconut rose earl grey latte

Food Network’s Mexican Hot Chocolate

A great way to spice up a classic drink. Add some whipped cream on top if you wish!

Mexican hot chocolate

Serious Eat’s Sparkling Apple Tea

You got tea, cider, lemon, and cinnamon all in one cup. It sounds so perfect for the season!

Sparkling apple tea


Joyce Huang

Joyce Huang is the CCO of Previous to this she was a fashion editor and stylist for national publications and television shows. Connect with her on Instagram @JoyceInNYC.

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