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Environment Friendly Coffee Pod Options

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There is no denying that coffee capsule machines provide a time-saving service. However, did you ever step back and take a look at how your daily coffee pod is affecting the environment? If you are not using reusable pods, recyclable pods, or biodegradable pods, then you are creating extra waste that will continue to affect future generations. The inventor of the Keurig K-Cup, John Sylvan, has even come out and expressed his regret on creating a provide that has such a negative impact on the environment.

Our world is already on shaky ground already. It’s March, and on the east coast there is literally a blizzard going on right now, when it was 60 degrees about a week ago. Let’s try to take whatever steps we can to not contribute further to something that we will leave to later generations to deal with.

Keep scrolling to see some minor changes you can make to your coffee routine to help the world out a great deal.

uncommon coffee roasters

Compostable K-Cups

They do exist! Uncommon Coffee Roasters makes a version for $10 and are 100% compostable. It’s like a coffee unicorn.

Keurgi recyclable cup Keurig recyclable cup 2

Recyclable K-Cup Pods

Keurig now offers two varieties in recyclable form. Just make sure to remove the lid and then compost or discard the pod contents.

Froz Cup

Froz-Cup Reusable K-Cups

Not nly can you use these Froz-Cups Reusuable K-Cups for coffee, but it also works on tea, hot chocolate, hot cocoa, and whatever infusions you feel like putting together.

cafe bustelo mexican instant blend

Julius Meinl instant coffee

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee has come a long way since we were younger. There are many varieties that actually taste like freshly brewed coffee. Some of our favorites of Café Bustelo Mexican Blend Instant Coffee and Julius Meinl Instant Coffee.



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