Oz Naturals Winter Skincare Regimen


Thinking it’s about time for a skincare change up? You’re right. Your skin needs in the winter season are much different from what you might need in the summer, fall, and spring. This is because of so many different factors, from the wind blowing in your face to having to deal with heaters in a home. If you find that your skin is looking a bit drier than usual, getting a little patchy, or noticing that fine lines are forming at a much higher rate than normal, we definitely suggest incorporating different products into your skincare routine.

Oz Naturals uses nature to help rejuvenate skin. In their products they use ingredients such as rose hip, spirulina, and sea kelp to create their unique formulas. For this winter season, give your skincare routine a refresher course with a variety of their items.


Ocean Mineral Facial Cleanser, $20.24

This proprietary formula consists of 92+ ocean minerals that will leave your face feeling squeaky clean. Bonus is that it will also work to repair dry skin, blemishes, and skin lesions.


Vitamin C Serum + AHA, $19.95

Add on a serum before you moisturize to help target any of your major areas of concern. This vitamin C formula will also help with a faster skin turnover rate.


Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer, $17.95

Keep your skin quenched with this easy-to-absorb moisturizer that fights against wrinkles, lines, and hyper pigmentation.


Vitamin C + Sea Hydration Mask, $13.49

Take the time to use a facial mask once a week. Trust us, you will definitely see and feel a difference over time.

Joyce Huang
Joyce Huang

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