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Reebok: Train Like A Fighter


The right workout gear for fight training is extremely important. You want something lightweight, breathable, and that allows you to move with speed and agility. Whether you are boxing, kicking ass in Muay Thai, or practicing some Krav Maga, Reebook has got you covered, literally. They have an entire combat apparel selection that will allow you to fight train with ease and comfort. Low-cut sides on tanks allow for reach, while ankle-lock tights stay put so that no adjustments will need to be made when working your way around a mat or ring. Then it’s just up to you to keep your defenses up!


Train Like A Fighter MMA Bra, Was $45, Now $24.99


The Noble Fight Sleeveless Hoodie, Was $50, Now $34.99


Combat Boxing Short, Was $50, Now $39.99


Combat Training Hoodie, Was $75, Now $49.99


Combat Ankle Lock Tight, $70


Combat Glory Hoodie, Was $65, Now $45.99


Joyce Huang

Joyce Huang is the CCO of Previous to this she was a fashion editor and stylist for national publications and television shows. Connect with her on Instagram @JoyceInNYC.

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