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10 Ways to Eat Broccoli

What the what? Why in the world are we writing about 10 different ways to eat broccoli? Because it’s crazy good for you and it’s delicious. And if you don’t think that it’s delicious, it’s probably how you have been eating this cruciferous veggie. If cooked poorly, we agree, broccoli can be an icky and mushy mess. However, if you steam it or roast it just right, you have a winning masterpiece on your plate. See 10 ways to eat up broccoli all year round. We’re sure that it will even inspire you to have some dinner guests over! Broccoli Tips: Stay away from yellowing broccoli, as that means it’s just getting old. Look for vibrant green broccoli with tight buds. Short on time? Get pre-washed, cut broccoli and cook...