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Cruelty-Free Holographic Makeup

Whether you call it holographic or prismatic or rainbow, there is a whole new whole of makeup out there that will make you feel and look like a magical unicorn. These products have gorgeous color and shimmer to them, and what’s amazing is that with every move that you make, the colors will reflect the light amazingly and even change color. All products being featured here are cruelty-free, so paint up your face without any guilt! Modern Minerals Infused Eyeshadow Sphere, $16 This is probably one of the fanciest eyeshadows we’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s infused with rose petal, honeysuckle, and then blended with coconut. Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette, $32 There are so many ways to use this palette and you get so many colors. Wear...