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OMG Vegan Cookie Recipes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these drool-worthy vegan cookie recipes. Vegan cookies have come a looong way! Even big companies like Betty Crocker have come out with recipes to fit the needs of various dietary lifestyles. Whether you are looking for a batch of cookies to whip up for an office party, for your kid’s class, or to nosh on while pattering around the house, these are some impressive baked goods that you are going to want to bite into. Betty Crocker Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies The Betty Crocker company has always been known for their tried-and-true recipes that get passed down from generation to generation. These cookies are made with ingredients like coconut oil and almond milk. Feasting On Fruit Sandwich Cookies Just looking at these satisfying cookies...

Vegan Food Everyone Will Want To Eat

Hot For Food has been churning out some mouthwatering dishes that you are going to want to chow down on ASAP. What’s incredible is that everything is vegan! At first glance you would never be able to tell. Then when you go on to try the recipes out, you can easily see how well thought out the ingredients and techniques are. The end result is hearty, well-flavored dishes, that even meat lovers will be able to get on board with. The couple behind this site are Lauren Toyota and John Diemer. Not only do they run the site and multiple YouTube channels, but they also have a cookbook coming out in 2018! S’more Cookies Beautiful and golden, decadent and chunky, these s’more cookies are making our hearts...

Healthy Living Vlogger We Love! Mind Over Munch

  When we first watched Mind Over Munch on YouTube, it was love at first video. It’s hosted by Alyssia Sheikh and not only is she relatable and fun to watch, but she promotes a very attainable lifestyle that will get you fit and healthy. There are so many different playlists to watch on her channel from What I Eat in a Day and Meal Prep!, to Vegan Recipes and Workouts. And she takes into consideration what viewers need more information on and want to watch, so be sure to leave her a comment if there is anything you want to see more on. Just be warned! Don’t start watching these before bed because you’ll want to stay up all night. These are some addicting, healthy living...