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Top Picks for at-Home Workouts

So it’s a new year and normally a time when there’s a lot of new year’s resolutions to join the gym and sign up for classes. However, many of you are still in lockdown and sadly won’t have that luxury. Instead, lots of people around the world will have to continue to make do with working out at home and making the best of whatever is available. I am a personal trainer, and since covid, I have been adapting workouts for people to do in their homes with limited or no equipment. I totally understand that it’s not easy to know what products are best to get, so I have compiled a list of my 5 top picks of equipment so that you can still get a decent and well-rounded workout at home.

Elite Fitness Resistance Bands, £22.95 NZD

You can do so much with a couple of different strength resistance bands. From upper body to lower body exercises, movements that work many muscle groups as well as movements that isolate specific muscles. The extra bonus is they don’t cost an arm and a leg or take up much room. Pro tip: hang them somewhere visible as a little extra reminder to use them when you can.


Industrial Athletic Kettlebell, $55 NZD

If you can get your hands on one, then these are a fantastic piece of equipment that you can do countless things with. Adding some weight into your workouts can make a really big difference to your training and encourage some great results. Ideally, you should pick a weight that you can do some upper movements with, whatever you can do upper body wise should be totally fine for lower body exercises.


Rogue Jump Rope, $28 AUD

These are a super simple way to really get the heart rate up and the cardio in! If you have access to some outdoor space then fantastic, but I have personally trained people online in quarantine hotel rooms and they have still been able to jump rope away. Where there’s a will there’s a way.


thewodlife Adjustable Dumbbell Set, $199 AUD

These are particularly great because as you get stronger you can add more weight to the dumbbell. Or, if you are doing a workout with lots of reps then you can decrease the weight easily. This set in particular can also be used as a barbell, which again gives you more options for your workouts. Keeping up the variety is key to keep the motivation running high and the boredom at bay.


JBM Exercise Yoga Ball, $11.24 NZD

A swiss ball, or exercise, yoga, stability ball, as they are also called, is a core piece of equipment… pun intended, because it is often used for core movements. Increasing our core stability makes our bodies stronger and really is a crucial factor in reducing any chances of getting injuries whether you are doing other exercises or not. They can double up as a new bouncy office chair.



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Laura Jones

Laura Jones is a Professional Coach and member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Throughout her career Laura has always worked within different roles to support people in making positive changes to their lives, including being a Probation Officer for The Probation Service in the UK, and then re-training to become a Personal Trainer and Coach in New Zealand where she is now working with individuals to improve their wellbeing and mindset. Connect with her via her website

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