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What To Do With Too Many Apples

Did you go apple picking this season yet? Or if you plan to, this is one post you are going to want to save! Apple picking is one of our favorite things to do in the fall, BUT there are only so many raw apples we can eat. Drumroll for some great recipes to use up those apples no matter what varieties you have on hand.


BBC Apple Puree

Why in the world would you want to make batches of apple puree? Because you can eat it as is and tastes fantastic when made with fresh apples. Because it is great when used for baby food if you have a baby. Because you can add it to baked goods to add a natural sweetness and moistures. Because it can be used as an oil replacement in cakes. Because you can freeze it to use later on for all of the things we just listed.

The New York Times Apple Pie

We can get on board with this apple pie recipe (come on, we had to include an apple pie recipe) because you have to cook the filling first. It helps prevent a pie from having a raw or crunchy filling. Plus, cooking it ahead of time creates a sturdier filling that won’t fall all over the place once you cut into it.

Delish Waldorf Salad

Raw apples make a tasty addition to salads. The addition of that crunch can be quite satisfying as well. In addition to working well in salads, raw apples can also be used in slaws as a main or side ingredient.


Pinch of Sugar Cinnamon Apple Cake

Apple cake is one of those things that you forget how much you love till you take a bite and then proceed to eat the whole cake. It’s a bite here and a bite there, and then a slice here and a slice there, and before you know it, you’re just grabbing a fork and eating it right out of the pan. No? Just us? O.K. then.

Fifteen Spatulas Apple Chips

Apple chips are so satisfying and way healthier than snacking on potato chips! Bake up a bunch of these and store them in those cookie containers that you keep year round just to use for holiday cookies! You can even stash some in your bag so that you have something to munch on while on the go.


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