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10 Tips For Producing Less Waste

The recent climate strike in September was a worldwide phenomenon that had us all really trying to find ways to help. If change cannot happen on a government scale in the near future, there are still some things that everyone can start doing to make an impact on the environment, especially when it comes to producing less garbage.

See 10 simple things you can do in your everyday life to create less waste.



Use reusable straws

It seems that almost everyone has seen that poor sea turtle video (trigger warning) by now. Carry a reusable straw with you so that you can refuse ones from shops and restaurants and use them at home as well.

Teivio Reusable Metal Straws, $11.49




Bring your own containers for leftovers

If you typically have leftovers after eating at a restaurant, bring your own container to bring food home instead of using disposable ones that the restaurant provides.

Prep Naturals Glass Containers, $23.99



Bar shampoos

Shampoo and conditioner bars don’t use plastic bottles like liquid ones do, which means less plastic piling up in the world.

Lush Coconut Rice Cake Shampoo Bar, $14.95



Donate clothing

If you are looking to clean out your closet, consider having your friends go through them to see if they can use them or donate it to a charity of your choice. There are many charities that will even come pick up from you to save you a trip!



Buy second-hand

Hand-in-hand with donating clothing, why not buy used? You can get gorgeous pieces, whether vintage or like-new from a variety of brick and mortar shops as well as online. If you love designer labels, there are a ton of high-end resalers as well.



Go paperless

Free yourself from snail mail by going paperless. Save the world and save some space in your home!



Buy a reusable water bottle or travel coffee mug

Fill up your water bottle or travel mug when at home or out to reduce single-use packaging from water and to-go coffees that you buy from stores.

Simple Modern Coffee Mug, $15.99



Start composting

You can start composting in your own home OR if you live in an apartment building, see if your local sanitation department has a program that can be started in your building.

OXO Good Grips Compost Bin, $19.99



Carry a reusable bag with you

Sometimes you end up buying things without planning to. Having a reusable bag that can easily be folding up and stashed in your pocket or purse is a great way to not have to use disposable store bags.

BeeGreen Washable Grocery Bags (6 Pack), $16.99



Reusable Rags

Keep dish towels handy in your kitchen and bathroom to wipe up spills or wipe your hands after giving them a wash to save on paper towels. Just throw them in with your laundry whenever you are ready to do a load.

DG Collections Kitchen Towels, $23.99


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Joyce Huang

Joyce Huang is the CCO of Previous to this she was a fashion editor and stylist for national publications and television shows. Connect with her on Instagram @JoyceInNYC.

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