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8 Healthy Recipes To Shake Up Your Winter Menu!

8 Healthy Recipes To Shake Up Your Winter Menu!

In the winter it is easy to get stuck in a recipe rut. It can feel like everything is out of season, and you end up buying the same foods all the time. To break through these ruts it is important to try new recipes. Choose meals that are rich in vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains will ensure your meals are satisfying and nourishing.

 Damn Delicious Quinoa Chili  Damn Delicious Quinoa Chili 

1. Damn Delicious Quinoa Chili 

Chili is a staple dish in the cold months, but it can often feel heavy and high in saturated fats. Substituting quinoa instead of ground beef is a great way to add lean protein to the recipe, but still, maintain the familiar texture! Add as many vegetables as you can to your chili to increase the vitamins and minerals in the dish. This recipe calls for corn, garlic, tomatoes, and beans. You can also add in some chopped green pepper!



Split Pea Soup

2. Once Upon a Chef Split Pea Soup

Split pea soup is a simple meal that is bright in color and rich in antioxidants. A small piece of ham goes a long way in this soup and adds a major degree of comfort. Split peas are high in fiber, which is a critical component for cardiovascular health, digestive health, and satiety.


Natasha's Kitchen Chicken Tortilla Soup 

3. Natasha’s Kitchen Chicken Tortilla Soup 

We’ve all heard of chicken noodle soup, so how about a new spin on a classic recipe? Chicken tortilla soup is rich in potassium and other essential electrolytes. You can garnish your soup with full-fat sour cream and cheese, or choose a low-fat option if you are trying to keep this meal light. Instead of reaching for the salt, enhance the flavor of your soup with fresh jalapeño!



Healthy Seasonal Recipes Skillet Shepherds Pie

4. Healthy Seasonal Recipes Skillet Shepherds Pie

Some nights you will crave a heartier meal. It is possible to recreate comfort foods with a healthier twist. This Shepherds pie recipe will be your new favorite option. Choose extra-lean ground beef for your pie. All cuts of meat from bovine sources are rich in iron and b12, which we need for immune function and energy levels.


Well Plated by Erin Kale Winter Salad With Pomegranate 

5. Well Plated by Erin Kale Winter Salad With Pomegranate 

Kale is a hearty green that needs a bit of prep to be fully enjoyed. Chop your kale and gently massage the leaves with oil before preparing the rest of the salad. This step will soften the tough fiber in the vegetable and render the vegetable easier to digest. Pomegranate is seasonal throughout the winter months and will have the brightest flavor this time of year!


The New York Times Winter Citrus Salad With Honey Dressing

6. The New York Times Winter Citrus Salad With Honey Dressing

Are you craving something sweeter in the evenings? Pair your main course with a winter citrus salad. Grapefruits and oranges are both high in vitamin C. It is a vital nutrient that supports your immune system and overall health. Oranges also have a considerable amount of calcium which supports bone health.


Savory Tooth Instant Pot Salmon With Chilli Lime Sauce

7. Savory Tooth Instant Pot Salmon With Chilli Lime Sauce

If you are used to cooking fish outdoors on the barbecue it can feel like a challenge to bring it in the house in the winter. However, salmon contains heart-protecting fat omega-3, and you should aim to have two servings of fish a week. Preparing fish with your instant pot is an easy way to cook without releasing odors into your home!


Instant Pot Cauliflower Tikka Masala

8. Instant Pot Cauliflower Tikka Masala

You’ve probably encountered several cauliflower recipes online, but have you ever made tikka masala with it? Probably not! This vegetarian alternative is comforting, full of flavor, and packed with minerals and vitamins. You can cook this dish in your instant pot in under 30 minutes, and any leftovers will hold for a couple of days after cooking.


Julia Zakrzewski

Julia Zakrzewski is a Registered Dietitian and a lifelong foodie. Her passions include eating great food, debunking nutrition myths, and educating people on how they can improve their health! Her specific interests include diabetes and cardiovascular health. In her spare time Julia teaches yoga, and walks her miniature schnauzer.

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