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Month: December 2016

Oz Naturals Winter Skincare Regimen


Thinking it’s about time for a skincare change up? You’re right. Your skin needs in the winter season are much different from what you might need in the summer, fall, and spring. This is because of so many different factors, from the wind blowing in your face to having to deal with heaters in a […] Read more…

Site We Love: Petit Vour


Where in the world have we been? We only just discovered Petit Vour and are face palming ourselves for not knowing about it sooner. Petit Vour sells some of the most luxurious, vegan and cruelty-free products available in makeup, skincare, hair, bath, body, and lifestyle categories. Can’t figure out what to buy or want to […] Read more…

Plane Travel Skincare Tips


With the holidays comes a lot of traveling. If you plan on flying somewhere, you may be dreading the effects of how air travel can wreck havoc on your skin. A short flight can have some people landing with patchy skin, oily skin, or even a crop of new zits that come out of nowhere. […] Read more…