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8 Healthy Instant Pot Recipes

It seems like everyone and their mother…and father…and best friend…and co-worker (you get the point) has an Instant Pot nowadays. The Instant Pot is a programmable pressure cooker that is also known as a smart cooker. Food cooks up to 70% faster, there are easy touch controls, and it even remembers the way that you cook certain dishes!

Many people have attributed this technology-enhanced pot with helping them on their weight loss journey, as many healthy meals can be whipped up in it. If you are looking for a way to cook in bulk in order to meal prep for the week, the Instant Pot is something you will be able to use. Just place all your ingredients in it, set it, and go about your business while it does all of the hard work for you.

Check out these healthy Instant Pot recipes that are making our mouths water!

A Mind “Full” Mom Homemade Yogurt

The Instant Pot allows people to make homemade yogurt so easily! Here you can see how to make full-fat, Greek, and non-fat yogurt.


A Pinch of Healthy Chicken Chili

Chili is so perfect for the weather right now! This version packs a ton of flavor with ingredients like green chilis and chicken stock.


Williams Sonoma Spiced Carrot and Cashew Soup

You’ll need to sauté a little in the beginning, but after that, it’s easy-peasy. This creamy and satisfying soup will become a staple for you during the cold weather.


The Veggie Chick Oatmeal

What’s smart about making plain oatmeal in an instant pot is that you can change up the flavor on a daily basis with the toppings that you add to it! Try everything from cacao powder and coconut flakes to peanut butter and berries.


Tasty Think Chicken Tikka Masala

Not only is Indian food always a winner in our book, but this recipe is even Whole30, Paleo, and Keto compliant! Woohoo!


Life Made Sweeter Quinoa Fried Rice

Why didn’t we think of this ages ago? Fried rice gets a healthy update with quinoa. It’s such an easy swap that makes a load of difference.


Lemon Blossoms Rotisserie-Style Whole Chicken

Great for family meals or for eating through the week, this recipe is packed with flavor due to a ton of herbs and seasonings.


Chocolate Covered Katie Mushroom Barley Soup

Barley soup is one of those perfect, hearty meals to eat when it gets chillier. This recipe has a buttery spread or tahini in it for extra flavor.


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