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Workout Wardrobe Refresh With Lululemon

Lululemon has always been at the top of our list when it comes to coveted activewear. It looks good, it feels amazing, and it makes our asses look fantastic, no lie. We’ve been looking forward to the warmer spring season and plan on giving our workout wardrobe a bit of a refresh with the brand’s latest styles. New clothing will give us some extra motivation to get out there and get moving. Everywhere Duffel Heatproof Pocket, $148 It has various compartments, including one for a laptop, but the winning design is why we are drooling over this sleek and fierce bag. Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight, $98 Not only are these comfortable, but the higher panel will keep that tummy tucked in and looking slim. TechLoom Pro Shoe Cashmere, $250 Unique and...

Train Like A Victoria’s Secret Model

Yep! You can now train like a Victoria’s Secret model right from the comfort of your own home. Supermodel trainer Justin Gelband is the mastermind behind a lot of their long, lean, and incredibly toned bodies. Whether you want arms that don’t flap, tummies that are taut, or a bootie that is rounded and high, Victoria’s Secret has released a whole series of videos that you can tune to. What’s fantastic is that you don’t need expensive machines. We’ve actually done a bunch of these workouts and have to say that they are not just doable, but once we had the moves memorized, we found ourselves doing them while watching our favorite T.V. shows, instead of just laying sprawled out like couch potatoes. Just be sure...

Stomach Vacuum Tutorial For Nice Abs

  I had come across some stomach vacuum tutorials on YouTube and was so intrigued by them. You basically breath in deep, and then when you breathe out, you pull in your stomach as far in as you can, toward your spine. What’s funny is that they seem like a different version of a breathing exercise that I would have to do during my martial art classes. From my experience, breathing can really do wonders for great abs. You can feel that your core is getting a good workout. Plus, this is one workout you can do anywhere. No equipment needed, so no excuses! Get a quick workout in right now as you watch this video by K’s Perfect Fitness TV! ...