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Vegan Haute List: Animal Friendly Shopping Guide

Peta always has list of animal-friendly and vegan companies that make shopping super easy. We were recently browsing through their vegan accessories list, and there are so many cute items on there! Click here for the full list and be sure to bookmark it. Keep scrolling to see some gorgeous, vegan fashions that you are going to want to add to your closet as soon as possible. They are super chic and stylish! Matt & Nat Aries Backpack, $135 Matt & Nat has a huge following, even outside of the vegan crowd. Their minimalist designs, like this luxe backpack, are known for being simple and sleek. Urban Expressions Harley Bag, $55 A classic white clutch is perfect for day and night activities. Urban Expressions makes great accessories that are fashion...

Athleisure Wear Wish List

Isn’t it amazing that athleisure wear is a whole thing now? This didn’t exist when I was younger. I’m pretty obsessed with it for a whole lot of reasons: It’s really comfortable, but super fashionable. People think I’m healthy…even if I’m on my way to get some macaroni and cheese and then some red velvet ice cream after. Athleisure wear is really cute and there are a ton of designers to choose from. You can dress it up or down. Again…it’s really comfortable. I was procrastinating doing some online research and came across these stylish pieces that I am going to snatch up as soon as I get paid! Ivy Park V-Back Mesh Insert Bra, $36 The Upside Distressed Hooded Top, $115 Zara Terez Rainbow Metal Leggings, $75 Sweaty Betty Atlantica...