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Aromatherapy Essential: Plant Therapy Synergy Oils

       Synergy is kind of a fancy word, don’t you think? When we were introduced to Plant Therapy’s Synergies line, we were intrigued, simply by the word. The entire line is filled with beautifully blended concoctions of 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients that are thought to increase everything from energy to clarity. There are multiple ways to use essential oils, such as with carrier oils or in aromatherapy diffusers, so be sure to read the directions on the proper ways to use them. This way, you can get the most benefits out of them. In the event you would like to purchase an aromatherapy diffuser, they carry a variety at See what our editors are stocking up on that can come in handy at any...

Aromatherapy: Get a Whiff of Grapefruit

Love, love, love me some grapefruit. But I’m not just talking about the taste of it. The scent of grapefruit is so incredibly amazing. I can’t get enough of it and it’s as if I can smell it a mile away. There’s something about its sweet and tart fragrance that is absolutely energizing. It always brings a big smile to my face and I’m always sold when I see any product that has its oils in it. Check out some great, cruelty-free beauty and home products that you can snatch up right now. Yes to Grapefruit Rejuvenating Facial Wipes, $5.99 Get off all of your makeup with these refreshing facial wipes! Bonus is that they’re perfect for travelling as well. Alba Botanica Good & Clean Toxin Release Scrub,...