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 10 Wellness Accounts You Need on Your Instagram Feed

10 Wellness Accounts You Need on Your Instagram Feed

Sometimes, we all need a little extra…oomph to get up off the couch and get moving. We live in a time where so much of our lives are influenced by what we see on social media, so why not use it in a way that benefits your life? We handpicked 10 accounts that will leave you feeling strong, motivated, and enthusiastic about health, wellness, and fitness! 

These influencers cover a range of wellness practices, including workouts, mental health, body positivity, injury prevention, nutrition, and more. If you’re going to spend time on social media, be sure to fill your feed with the wisdom, positivity, and strength from these influencers! 

1. Alex Silver Fagan – @alexsilverfagan 

Alex Silver Fagan - @alexsilverfagan 

Along with posting killer workouts, Alex shares inspirational captions that give your mental health a boost of serotonin. She is vulnerable with her followers and shares her personal fitness journey and shows her strength, but also recognizes the struggles she’s faced along the way. 

2. Christina and Jordyn – @fitness_withtheduo 

Christina and Jordyn - @fitness_withtheduo 

These girls are two best friends that share their personal workout routines, and post detailed workout plans in their captions that are sure to make you want to hit the gym! Their account is focused on ways to diversify your fitness portfolio, trying new exercises, and sets for targeted muscle groups. 

3. Jessamyn Stanley- @theunderbellyyoga 

Jessamyn Stanley- @theunderbellyyoga 

Not only is Jessamyn a yoga instructor that posts mini-workouts and new poses, but she has an electric energy focused towards body positivity that is contagious! Even if you’re new to yoga, Jessamyn shows that every body is capable of carrying you through a mindful yoga practice. She also posts colorful inspirational quotes that can’t help but make you smile! 

4. Jeannette Ogden – @shutthekaleup 

Jessamyn Stanley- @theunderbellyyoga 

She’s a fit, fun-loving mom that loves educating people about informed nutrition choices! She posts delicious recipes, tips to eating cleaner, and shares eye-opening messages about growth and resilience from her experience with disordered eating. She makes eating clean look easy – and delicious! 

5. The Jungle – @thejungle_fit 

The Jungle - @thejungle_fit 

This Florida-based gym was started up by a couple that wanted to share their passion for exercise and fitness by creating fitness plans for their friends. Now, they have their own community, facility, and brand! They inspire their followers with their story, and they post killer workouts as well. These two also work with local high school athletic teams to build specialized programs geared towards specific sports. Fit AND philanthropic? Sign me up! 

6. Catherine Wiggins – @homebodysculpt 

No gym membership, no probem! Catherine shows you can start your fitness journey in your home, with minimal space and equipment required. She’s a fitness enthusiast, mom, and businesswoman that never fails to inspire. No more excuses – you don’t even have to leave the house! 

7. Manoj Diaz – @op_e___n 

Health is more than just fitness; it’s about finding balance, mindfulness, relaxation, and prioritizing your mental state. This account posts guided meditation videos, tips on breathwork, and quotes that will help you find your inner peace and potential. The aesthetic is incredibly pleasing, and gives off overall great vibes for a post-workout meditation sesh! 

8. Jack Hanrahan – @jackhanrahan 

Jack is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) that helps you understand proper form, how to correctly execute different exercises, and the mechanisms involved in different movements; therefore minimizing injury risk during your routine. If you want to hit the gym but don’t know where to start or are new to exercise, this account is a must-follow! 

9. Eliza – @dailyrunswithza 

Eliza has been on a running streak (running at least one mile every single day) since – wait for it – 2002. EIGHTEEN YEARS and never missed a day! This account will help you feel compelled to get your body up and moving every day, and encourage you to hold yourself accountable to do something you love every day. 

10. Hybrid Calisthenics – @hybrid.calisthenics 

This unique account blends the bodyweight-focused movements from yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts into an incredible practice that helps you push yourself to grow every day. Not to mention, the instructor is also a comedian, so you’ll leave the page feeling stronger, more positive, and with a smile! 

Casey Crowell

Casey Crowell is a New York native and health & fitness enthusiast. She studied kinesiology in college, and has been the "go to" for advice for her friends and family that are looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle. When she is not writing, working or training, she enjoys the simple things in life; hiking, reading, painting, spending time with family and friends, and playing with her 2 dogs and 2 cats!

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