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3 Must-Try Recipes Involving Coffee

3 Must-Try Recipes Involving Coffee

Anyone who knows me at all knows just how much I love coffee. I will try anything coffee-related at least once, and I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy my favorite drink.

Over the years, I’ve found several delicious recipes that incorporate coffee in one way or another. Some are sweet; some are savory, but all are good enough to earn a place in my recipe folder.

Today I’m going to share three of my favorites with you!

  1. Farm Flavor Coffee Glazed Pork Ribs

Coffee is just as good in savory dishes as it is sipped straight from your favorite mug. A bold, flavorful coffee can add amazing depth and complexity to savory dishes, especially if you’re using it on meat.

This recipe combines strong coffee with brown sugar, mustard, barbecue sauce, and a handful of spices to create a rich, spicy-sweet caramelized glaze that will leave you shamelessly licking every last bit from your fork and your fingers. (Don’t worry; I won’t judge.)

The full recipe can be found here.

  1. Delish Dalgona Coffee

Back in the earliest days of quarantine, Dalgona coffee and homemade sourdough bread were the social media staples of our collective lives. I remember every friend I have either raving about how easy it is to make your own sourdough or posting pictures of decadent-looking Dalgona coffee concoctions.

Naturally, someone who loves coffee as much as I do couldn’t pass up trying Dalgona coffee. Dalgona coffee is made by filling a glass about halfway with ice and milk of your choice and topping it with a sweet, creamy whipped coffee mixture.

All you need is instant coffee, granulated sugar, and a little bit of cold water to make the whipped coffee. If you have a hand mixer, you can use that, but it’s very easy to whip up a silky, fluffy mousse with a small whisk or even a fork. (I’ve made it all three ways. All are easy, so just use what you have on hand!)

You can use this recipe as a guide. Also, I recommend using espresso powder for the best taste. Instant coffee works fine, but I liked the smooth sweetness that came from using Cafe Bustelo instant espresso powder.

  1. Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is one of my favorite cookie recipes. I used a combination of chocolate chips and espresso chips (which you can find in the baking aisle!) and just added tablespoons of espresso powder until I achieved the perfect coffee-to-cookie ratio. Of course, you can just follow the recipe as it’s written, but I like to experiment!

The thing that brings these cookies together is the browned butter. Yes, it takes a little bit of extra time and patience, but the delicious, nutty flavor sets off the espresso in a way that will make you want to inhale the whole batch by yourself.

You can find the full recipe here.

(Pro tip: Add a tiny pinch of sea salt to your cookies immediately after you pull them out of the oven. Trust me, it’s next level!)

Do you have a favorite coffee recipe? Drop a link in the comments, and tell me why you love it!

Nicole Hopkins

Nicole Hopkins is a freelance writer for hire that has been sharing her passion for health, wellness and yoga since 2014. When she's not working on getting into crow pose or petting every cat in sight, you can find her writing about science, skincare and mental health at and Kalista Edit. Visit her at or on Instagram at @msmerriam.

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