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Antisocial vs Asocial Behaviors: Understanding the Differences

[caption id="attachment_6464" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Image credit: Tonik on Unsplash; Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash[/caption] You've probably heard the phrase "they're so antisocial" before, but you may have also heard of antisocial personality disorder or seen someone referred to as "asocial." It can get confusing fast. So, what's the difference between antisocial and asocial? Are they interchangeable? Let's find out. What is Asocial Behavior? Asocial definition: Someone who avoids or is uninterested in social interaction and may be viewed as inconsiderate or unfriendly toward others. Asocial behavior is typically the result of an intense fear of rejection or anxiety around new people in social situations. These people can socialize normally with people they already know, such as close family or lifelong friends, but they are entirely closed off from the rest of...