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High Energy Hijinks: Activities For Active Kids

Do you have a little one at home who likes to touch everything and get into everything? Does your little one never seem tired? Do they get more and more energy the more wound up they get? It sounds like you have a high-energy child at home! I’ve been working in early childhood education for over a decade and time after time my favorite students are always the ones that may seem a little exhausting to other adults. High energy kids have the absolute most fun but it can be hard to help direct all that energy sometimes. It’s important to remember that behavior is how little ones communicate. If a child expends a ton of high energy all of the time they may need help to...

Ultimate Summer Checklist for Kids

School is out for summer! Whether you want something to protect your kids from the heat or something to keep them busy at home, check out this amazing summer checklist to stay on top of things!          Vanicream Sunscreen SPF 50+, $14.99 Vanicream products are highly recommended by dermatologists and are considered to be kid-friendly.   Coolibar Surf's Up UPF 50+ Hat, $22 We love sun hats with a flap in the back because it protects the head, face, and back of the neck.   Splash Ready Unicorn Inflatable Pool, $36.99 Not only will letting them splash around in water keep them cool, but it will keep them active and laughing.   Bakhuk Ice Pop Mold Maker, $22.99 Get your kids active in the kitchen and even teach them about nutrition by making popsicles with ingredients...