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Dealing With Mental Health: Sometimes Laughter is the Best Medicine

Dealing with mental health doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes, just taking a few minutes to laugh at social media posts is enough to boost your mood. There's lots of advice out there about how to deal with mental health struggles, but sometimes, just taking a minute to laugh is enough to shake off the blues and make it through the day. To help with this, here's a roundup of some funny social media accounts to follow next time you need some low-effort serotonin.  Social Media Accounts We Love to Deal With Mental Health: Katie Florence's #TheKouncil Jonny Devaney's dog breed humor Nathan W Pyle's Strange Planet comics MoonPie's ongoing social media beef with the sun   1. Katie Florence (@katieflorence on TikTok; @the.kouncil on Instagram) Katie Florence makes funny,...