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New Season, New Skincare: Tweak Your Routine for the Warmer Weather

New Season, New Skincare: Tweak Your Beauty Routine for the Warmer Weather

When the weather has more mood swings than I do in a week, I know it’s time for me to start changing up my beauty routine. I say goodbye to all of my heavy hand creams, thick moisturizers, and rich facial oils and start slowly rotating in my summer staples.

It can be hard to figure out the right balance when it’s time to transition your beauty routine, so I’m going to share a few of my favorite tips with you today.

  1. Switch from rich moisture to light hydration.

As it becomes warmer (and usually more humid), even dry skin reaches a point where rich moisturizers are too much. If you notice that you’re getting a little too shiny during the day, or your makeup starts breaking down faster than usual, it’s probably time to use up that winter cream on your hands and feet.

Those with severely dry skin may not need to make any changes to their routine, but for the rest of us, it’s best to look for gel creams, emulsions, and hydrating toners to replace those heavy creams and oils that got us through winter.

I recommend subbing out your heaviest product first and then slowly rotating in lighter products until you find a lineup that leaves you glowing but not greasy.

  1. Supplement with sheet masks.

I have combination skin that can get dehydrated pretty easily, so discovering sheet masks and jelly wash-off masks was a total game-changer for me. Both types of masks help to force extra hydration into your skin, and adding a lightweight sleeping pack as a finishing step seals everything in so that you wake up with plump, dewy skin that’s fresh and ready for the heat, humidity, and air conditioning.

Sheet masks are also a great way to supplement your routine when you’re in the middle of transitioning from heavy winter products to lighter summer products, especially if your skin fluctuates between normal and dry.

Supplement with sheet masks

Annie’s Way Softening Jelly Mask, $23.99

Raw Job's Tears Brightening Night Jelly

Raw Job’s Tears Brightening Night Jelly, $21.50


  1. Remember that layers are your best friend.

You may have seen a skincare trend called “the 7 Skin Method” floating around on the Internet a few years ago. The basic idea is to pat on seven consecutive layers of a hydrating toner or watery essence. It originated in the Korean beauty scene, which is where it got its name. (“Skin” is the word they use to denote hydrating toners.)

I’m not saying that you need seven layers of hydrating or skin-soothing products, but I AM saying that you should experiment with multiple layers of light, watery skincare products instead of hoping that a single, heavy product will be a “one and done” fix for your skin.

I use this layering method year-round, but if you’ve never tried it before, the transition to a warm-weather beauty routine is the perfect time to experiment! I recommend starting with three layers of your favorite hydrating toner or essence and adjusting up or down according to how your skin responds.

You can also use this method on your body skin! I like to purchase large bottles of inexpensive Japanese toners to layer under a lightweight lotion or hydrating gel cream. It keeps my body skin soft and smooth, and I don’t have to deal with any stickiness or the dreaded sweat-plus-lotion streaks.

Roa Cytomedy Sea Buckthorn Facial Toner,

Roa Cytomedy Sea Buckthorn Facial Toner, $19.95

Kikumasamune Sake Skincare Lotion,

Kikumasamune Sake Skincare Lotion, $34.95

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Your routine should have sunscreen year-round, but it’s especially important to remember to apply it as the weather warms up and you’re outside more.

I know that it’s not enjoyable to smell like sunscreen or deal with the mess, but there are a lot of great, cosmetically elegant sunscreens that make the application (and reapplication!) pretty painless.

Most of my favorites are Japanese sunscreens like Canmake Mermaid Skin UV Gel and Skin Aqua Super Moisture Gel, but the Supergoop! Play Everyday lotion is a great and affordable option too, especially if you buy the big pump bottle.

CANMAKE Mermaid Skin Gel UV,

CANMAKE Mermaid Skin Gel UV, $11.99

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Gel Pump,

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Gel Pump, $15.99

Supergoop! PLAY Everyday SPF 50 2-Pack,

Supergoop! PLAY Everyday SPF 50 2-Pack, $116


Let’s Get Ready For Fun in the Sun

Transitioning your beauty routine will always take a little trial and error, but hopefully, my tips will help you make the switch with a little less frustration this year!


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Nicole Hopkins

Nicole Hopkins is a freelance writer for hire that has been sharing her passion for health, wellness and yoga since 2014. When she's not working on getting into crow pose or petting every cat in sight, you can find her writing about science, skincare and mental health at and Kalista Edit. Visit her at or on Instagram at @msmerriam.

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