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English Muffins: From Recipes To Health Perks

English muffins are small, round, and fluffy breads that are best enjoyed fresh. You can buy them at the store or you can even make your own at home. They are often cut in half and used for sandwiches, especially at breakfast. Keep reading to for delicious English muffin recipes. English muffin nutrition English muffins are a type of bread and they contain yeast and flour. You can significantly alter the nutritional qualities of English muffins by using a nutrient-dense flour. An English muffin made with white flour has the following nutritionals (please note these are averages and exact values may vary per product): • Calories: 130 • Fat: 1.5g • Carbohydrates: 24g • Fiber: 1g • Sugar: 1g • Protein: 5g • Sodium: 220mg A whole grain English muffin has slightly different nutrition levels: • Calories:...