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Swai Fish: Is It A Healthier Seafood Choice?

Swai fish is a lean source of protein that is highly versatile in the kitchen. It also contains small amounts of selenium and other nutrients, but overall, there are more nutritious fish you could eat. Keep reading to learn more about Swai fish. What is swai fish? Swai fish is a mild-tasting freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. It’s mostly farmed in Vietnam and then sold all over the world. It has become increasingly popular in the US food scene in the last decade. Frying swai fish is very popular in the Western world because the protein becomes light and flakey. However, this method isn’t the healthiest. Leaner, more health-conscious ways of preparing the fish include grilling, baking, broiling, or poaching. Catfish vs swai For a long time, biologists considered...