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Important Nutrients That Can Support Your Mental Health This Winter

If you have ever felt like your mood takes a turn for the worse in the grey months of winter, you’re not alone. Many people are affected by the decreased sunshine and the colder weather. Although you can’t control the daily weather, you can optimize your diet and include specific nutrients that have been proven to support mental health! Iron This mineral is essential to energy levels, immunity, and brain health. It is also one of the most difficult minerals to absorb from the diet, and many people are unknowingly deficient in iron. Women are at higher risk for iron deficiencies due to regular menstrual cycles. Vegetarians and vegans are also at elevated risk of low iron levels, and they may need to rely on a supplement...

Editor Tips: How to Get in Enough Vitamin D

Did you get in your vitamin D today? We hope so because it helps with everything from bone health and depression to promoting calcium absorption and fighting respiratory infections. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) recommends that adults (19-70) get in 15 micrograms (mcg) or 600 International Units (IU) of it.   A lot of us think of vitamin D as a sun vitamin, as our body produces it when we are exposed to the sun, which makes sense if you find yourself lacking it during the colder weather months. But you can also get your vitamin D in with a plethora of foods and supplements. If you’re trying to make up for any sun that you’ve missed out on, try these foods and supplements to give...

7 Things We Are Loving For Fall

  Can you believe that a new season is about to start? The pandemic had us skipping spring and summer, but since things are opening up now, we are gearing up to get our lives ready for the fall season so that we can enjoy it to the utmost.        MegaFood D3 Wellness Gummies, $16.26 As the weather gets colder and there is less sunshine to our days, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting in enough vitamin D still. A gummie version is fun when you want to channel your inner kid.   Audiobooks, Free We plan on getting in some long walks to enjoy the fall season. While we’ll be armed with a face mask for CV-19, we’ll also have a bunch of audiobooks checked out from the library....