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Top Drinks and Juices For Constipation Relief

Bouts of constipation can leave you feeling uncomfortable and frustrated. Certain foods and beverages can help move things along and help your bowels return to their regular schedule. Keep reading to find out which juices are best for constipation! Here are some of the top drinks and juices for constipation relief.

Why does constipation happen?

Your digestive system is complex, and being constipated can be a sign that something isn’t functioning normally. Changes in diet, sleep schedules, stress levels, and even activity can contribute to constipation.

Living with chronic bouts of constipation can be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If you have lived with bowel issues your whole life you should be assessed by a physician. Dietary and lifestyle interventions might be enough to help but there could be more serious underlying issues that should be addressed.

Hydrating beverages

Staying hydrated is important for regular bowel movements. Without enough fluid intake, your stool can harden and become more difficult to pass. Most adults should aim for eight to ten cups of fluid per day to stay hydrated. Dietary sources of fluid incudes teas, water, coffee, and wet foods such as soup, yogurt, and jello.

Importance of water for constipation relief

You should choose water as your primary beverage throughout the day. Some people don’t like water because the taste is bland or boring, but you can increase the appeal by flavoring it with natural ingredients. Popular combinations include:

Bring a water bottle with you to work, to the gym, or to social events. Having easy access to water can help you remember to drink regularly throughout the day.

Best juices for constipation

Fruit juices can sometimes help with constipation. The high sugar content draws water into the colon, which wets the stool and helps the body have a successful bowel movement. You should not rely on fruit juices for constipation relief: drinking too much sugar can raise your blood glucose levels fill you with unnecessary calories.

Prune juice

Prunes are dried plums. They are potent with fiber which helps bulk the stool and keep the stool moving through your digestive system. The natural sugars and fibres can offer laxative properties and help ease symptoms of constipation in some people.

Pear juice

Pears are high in sugars and sorbitol, which softens stool and helps promote bowel movements. Eating a pear, and drinking pear juice, may help relieve symptoms of constipation.

Blueberry juice

Unsweetened blueberry juice may also help. Berries are very high in fiber and can help keep you regular. You can also add fresh or frozen blueberries to your smoothie to help aid bowel movements.

Are there any drinks that make you poop immediately?

Some tea blends contain laxatives which can make some people poop immediately. These products are normally labeled as “detoxifying” which is inaccurate. They are not cleansing your bowels, they simply contain stimulants that results in bowel urgency.

Drinks that contain high levels of caffeine may also send you running to the bathroom. The laxative properties can strike rapidly after consumption. Examples of these drinks includes coffee and some energy drinks.

Alcohol can also have a laxative effect on your bowels. It may not strike immediately, but it bathroom urgency can strike after a night of heavy drinking.

The takeaway

Some fruit juices can help relieve the symptoms of constipation, but results will vary per individual. You should not rely on fruit juice to alleviate your symptoms: you may need mediation or over the counter stool softeners to help you go to the bathroom. Follow up with your doctor to discuss your options for the top drinks and juices for constipation relief.


Does cranberry juice make you poop?

Cranberry juice can help you stay hydrated, but it probably won’t help you have a bowel movement.

Does pomegranate juice make you poop?

Similar to cranberry juice, pomegranate juice can keep you hydrated but it doesn’t have laxative properties.

Is prune juice good for constipation?

Yes, prune juice can be helpful for constipation in some people.

How to relieve constipation naturally?

Staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and managing stress levels are all natural ways to keep your bowel movements regular.

Julia Zakrzewski

Julia Zakrzewski is a Registered Dietitian and a lifelong foodie. Her passions include eating great food, debunking nutrition myths, and educating people on how they can improve their health! Her specific interests include diabetes and cardiovascular health. In her spare time Julia teaches yoga, and walks her miniature schnauzer.

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