June 10, 2020

5-Product Morning Skincare Routine

As much as we love a great Korean skincare routine that has us feeling like we’re doing amazing things with 15 different products, there are some da

June 3, 2020

All About The Trainer

We are all about comfortable style right now. This season embrace sporty sneakers as a choice of footwear for everything in your closet. Pair them wit

May 27, 2020

Spring/Summer 2020 Swim Looks

Dreaming about your next warm-weather vacation? Or maybe you have some outdoor space where you can soak up some vitamin D? Brighten up your day with s

Top 10: Items We Love For The Fall

From Modern Love to cozy scarves and printed dresses to delicious teas, there are so many things about the fall season that we are enjoying right now. Give them a peek because we think that you’re going to love them too. They also make for great gift options to perk up a loved one’s day.   1. Printed Dresses We’ll use any excuse to purchase a new dress. Our excuse this month is Thanksgiving and we have our eye on something long and printed. Lai Meng Five Cats Midi Dress, $35.98   2. Mittens It’s hard to pass up an adorable pair of mittens. These knitted gloves feature Totoro from the movie, My Neighbor Totoro. Anna Wool Magic Gloves, $32   3. Teas A pretty box of teas always makes us happy. Plus, there is a perfect one to...

Fall/Winter 2019 Beauty Trends

With fall and winter, you have a new slew of fun beauty trends to try out. And of course, we did this round-up with only cruelty-free makeup products. Try each one out to see which one calls out to you and fits your personality the most. Glitter, Glitter Everywhere Embrace that 90s chick inside all of us with splashes of glitter here and there. We love the idea of giving your eyelids a sweep of them or using them to highlight your cheekbones. This Glossier Glitter Gelée has a transparent base and is long-lasting. Glossier Glitter Gelée, $14   Shades of Brown While a classic red will never go out of style, browns are having a major moment right now. Chocolate-tinged lips will still give you a statement look, but will...

Pumpkin, Much? 8 Tasty Fall Pumpkin Recipes

Do you find yourself craving pumpkin spice lattes starting in August? Then this is the post for you! From pumpkin spices to canned pumpkin, we’ve rounded up some delicious pumpkin recipes from the web. Make these for yourself, cook them up for a dinner party, or whip them up for any upcoming Thanksgiving potlucks that you might have. Inspired Taste Pumpkin Spice Latte We had to get this one out of the way first. For all of you pumpkin spice latte lovers out there, now you can make them in the convenience of your own home. It would be so cute served in a punch bowl at parties too. We definitely would not judge if you wanted to spike it up a little bit.   Bigger Bolder Baking Pumpkin...

Get Fit & Learn Self Defense!

Looking to do double duty with your workouts? There are lots of contact sports out there that not only help you get fit but teach you how to defend yourself too. When you learn how to defend yourself, you will be giving yourself not just confidence, but a sense of empowerment that will do wonders for your self-esteem. It can change how you see yourself and how you think the world sees you. Check out local schools to see if they have trial classes so that you can give a few a go till you find the one you connect with the most. Keep scrolling for some suggestions to check out today.   Boxing Boxing isn’t just about throwing punches (but obviously it’s a major part of it). You...

10 Tips For Producing Less Waste

The recent climate strike in September was a worldwide phenomenon that had us all really trying to find ways to help. If change cannot happen on a government scale in the near future, there are still some things that everyone can start doing to make an impact on the environment, especially when it comes to producing less garbage. See 10 simple things you can do in your everyday life to create less waste.   1. Use reusable straws It seems that almost everyone has seen that poor sea turtle video (trigger warning) by now. Carry a reusable straw with you so that you can refuse ones from shops and restaurants and use them at home as well. Teivio Reusable Metal Straws, $11.49     2. Bring your own containers for leftovers If you typically have leftovers...