September 16, 2020

In-Season Recipes With Fall Produce

Enjoying produce at its peak is a must! From the freshest apples to hearty greens, it’s time to get ready to enjoy fall’s beautiful and tasty boun

September 10, 2020

7 Things We Are Loving For Fall

  Can you believe that a new season is about to start? The pandemic had us skipping spring and summer, but since things are opening up now, we are ge

September 8, 2020

Beat the Covid-19 Blues: 5 Free Yoga Videos

Over the last 5 months, everyone has been dealing with various Covid-19 struggles. During these challenging times, it’s important to focus on nurtur

5 Easy Ways to Zhuzh Up Your Smoothie

The summer months have us craving smoothies every day. Not only are they refreshing when it gets hot, but there are so many mouthwatering in-season fruits to blend up right now. Interested in finding ways to make your smoothies a bit more nutritious or filling? Then add one of these ingredients to your next concoction.   Avocado Everyone is on the avocado toast bandwagon, but adding some avocado to a smoothie makes it thick, creamy, and will give you a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and vitamins like C, E, and K. You’ll feel like you’re sipping on a milkshake.   Nut Butter Barney Butter Smooth Almond Butter, $13.49 Vitacost Organic Peanut Butter, $4.84 Nut butters are a wonderful way to add flavor and a bit of protein to your smoothies....

What to Pack in Your Carryon During COVID-19 Air Travel

Flying during a global pandemic is stressful, but there are a few things you can bring with you to feel safe and comfortable during your flight.    Disinfectant Wipes and Hand Sanitizer Travel size wipes and hand sanitizer will be your best friend in flight. Before you settle in for your flight, wipe down the area around your seat. Make sure to get anywhere hands may touch including seatbelts, window visors, digital screens and tray tables, as well as all around the headrest if the seat is leather. Make sure your hand sanitizer is easily accessible in case you do not have access to soap and water. Individual wipes are wrapped and easy to toss in your carryon, while the EO hand sanitizer will keep you clean and...

Boost Your Body: 8 Supplements to Try

Getting in the right foods is essential to a healthy lifestyle. But we understand that it can be really hard getting in all of the recommended amounts of vitamins, protein, antioxidants, etc. Sometimes to help you get a complete diet, you’ll benefit from taking a supplement. Browse these recommendations to see if they’re a good fit for your lifestyle.      Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey, $39.99 If you find yourself lacking in protein, try adding a protein shake to your diet. This Platinum Hydro Whey caught our eyes when we found out Dwayne Johnson was a fan of it. Just one scoop equates to 30 grams of protein. We love how easily it dissolves in liquids. For best results, don’t use hot liquids with it. Nature Made Calcium...

How to Deal With Job Loss During Covid-19

A lot of people are dealing with unemployment due to the effects of COVID-19. During this stressful time, it’s important to nurture your body and mind so that you can best prepare for whatever is to come. Here are 5 tips on how to ease some stresses you might be facing from losing your job.   Take time to process what is happening    Take the time to process what is happening and all of the emotions that are bubbling up. You will go through various stages of grief, so just be sure to give yourself time to mentally deal with what just happened. Cry if you want, shout if you must, just don’t keep it all bottled in.   Focus on gratitudeCounting your blessings is one of the most...

Get Beach Ready With These Functional Products

  Headed to the beach with friends and family? Then be sure to pack the right beach gear so that you can enjoy a day full of sun and play without anything getting in your way.         CGear Sand-Free Beach Mat, $69.99 In addition to being water-resistant, this patented beach mat allows sand to slip right though so that it doesn’t get all up in your business. Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen 70 SPF, $15.99 Obviously, sunscreen was going to be on our checklist. Make sure to reapply once in a while to prevent any nasty burns. Opt for a water-resistant version even if you don’t plan on going in the water in case you end up sweating a lot. Picnic Time Manta Sun Shelter, Was $62.95, Now $49.97 When you go on...